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Shrimp Farming

Strategically located next to pristine waters of the Pacific Ocean, Organic Shrimp is a shrimp farm with a current culture area of 200 hectares and a land reserve over 800 hectares.

The isolation and ocean water cleanliness provides us a great competitive advantage of being located in a privileged area free from white spot virus and other diseases, as well as the shrimp quality and purity cultured in this area, obtaining a completely free chemicals and antibiotics final product.

Its worldwide unique pumping structure goes 180 meters into the imposing waves of the Pacific Ocean. As consequence of the extreme natural conditions in which it operates, we have made many structure changes and improvements during 6 years, that now allow us to work in our cultures in an stably and efficiently manner.

From its beginnings, Organic Shrimp has been constructed with great ecological responsibility and respect for the environment that surrounds it. Basically, there is not any negative environmental impact regarding to deforestation, mangrove destruction or tides and beach alterations.